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Learn how to install and configure our Flutter SDK to use Efí's APIs


Requests made to Efí's APIs using the Flutter SDK require the certificate generated in your Efí account in .p12 format.


To use this plugin, add efipay as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file to use Efí Pay's SDK.

Tested with

Dart 2.12.3

Basic Usage

import 'package:efipay/efipay.dart';

class _PaymentPageState extends State<PaymentPage> {
var config = {
'client_id': 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
'client_secret': 'YOU_CLIENT_SECRET',
'account_id': ''
'sandbox': false,
'certificate': '',
EfiPay efipay;

void initState() {
this.efipay = Efipay(config);



Example of how to create a charge:

void createCharge(){
EfiPay efi = EfiPay(config);
dynamic body = {
'items': [
{'name': "Product 1", 'value': 1100, 'amount': 2}
return await'createCharge', body: body);

All examples available in our SDK can be found in our Github repository at Efí.

Then, execute the command:

flutter pub get