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Efí Pay APIs, the favorites of software developers

Connect multiple payment solutions to your software, management system or e-commerce platform and ensure more technology, scalability and security in your operations!

Efficiency, that counts a lot


+6 billion

requests to our endpoints in 2023.


+219 million

charges issued in 2023.


+R$27 billion

transacted in 2023.


Top marks

in the Pix API by the Central Bank.





Fast integration

in up to 3 days* with technical consultancy support.


The 3-day period refers to the connection with the APIs. Adjustments to the client's system are not included in this period.

Try our APIs

At Efí Pay, technology meets convenience! Access our documentation and discover how easy and quick it is to set up your environment.


Billings API

Bolix and Boletos: receive in cash or within 1 working day. Carnês: make high-value sales on installment payment. Payment links: receive by boleto and credit card, without needing a website or card machine. Subscriptions: receive recurrently by boleto and credit card. Transparent checkout: offer a secure payment, without redirecting to another website. Payment split: automatically transfer payments among receivers.

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Pix API through Open Finance

Connect to various banks and fintechs. Initiate Pix payments within your website, platform, or app. Offer a quick, smooth checkout experience with fewer steps. Reduce cart abandonment with an optimized purchasing journey.

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Receive Pix payments automatically (Cash-In). Send Pix directly from the API (Cash-Out). Issue immediate charges (Pix Cob). Issue charges with due dates (Pix CobV). Set up an interface for Pix Charging. Automatically transfer payments with Split Pix. Receive reconciliation extract automatically.

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Financial Services APIs

Account Opening API: initiate the account opening process for your clients in batch and within your own system. This is how you will obtain the necessary credentials and certificates to use the end-client application — exclusive to partners.

Bill Payment API: automate batch payments with an online API. You can specify the barcodes to be paid, schedule payments, send payment orders, and check the status summary of each one.

Reconciliation Extract: automatically receive extract of transactions (Pix and TED) and have a more accurate bank reconciliation. You can generate reports with customizable extract filters in CSV, JSON, and OFX formats.

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API Specialists Ready to Help You Seven Days a Week

If you're eager to learn, exchange experiences, and share your knowledge in payment APIs, connect to the Efí Discord server.

Uncomplicated documentation for Successful Integrations

In the documentation, you will find the technical reference to integrate and use our solutions in your operations.



Efí Pay for developers

Efí's latest payments technology built through robust and scalable APIs, with clean architectures and SDKs in the main programming languages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Efí Pay

Still have questions about integrating with our API? Efí explains all the details about the new way to receive payments in Brazil.

What programming languages are supported?

You can develop your project integrated with our API in any programming language.

What SDKs are available?

We provide SDKs in various programming languages:

  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • .NET Core
  • Java
  • Delphi
  • Go
  • TypeScript
  • Flutter
  • Android

How does support and community work on Discord?

You can follow all discussions about our Efí APIs through our communication channel on Discord, a community with over 6,000 members and support available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on weekends from 10am to 3pm.

Do I need a CNPJ to sell with Efí Pay?

Actually, no! The Efí Pay payment ecosystem is available for Efí Pro (individual entrepreneur without CNPJ) and Efí Empresas (PJ account) account types.

So, if you don't have a CNPJ but want to sell with Efí, just open an Efí Pro account and enjoy all the advantages of being Efí.

Do I have support from the development team to make the integration?

Yes. You can count on us, we'll help you throughout the process! Our Technical Consulting team is available on Discord every day to assist you with whatever you need.

Where does the balance from sales go?

It goes to your free Digital Account at Efí!

To use the Efí Pay payment ecosystem, you need to open an Efí Pro (individual entrepreneur without CNPJ) or Efí Empresas (PJ account) account.

That way, as soon as you receive payments from your customers, the balance goes directly to your account — already with the deductions from receipt fees and ready for you to use as you prefer.